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Call to Action is a marketing term used to describe immediate response to sales request for goods or services. CTA most often refers to the words or phrases that may be included into sales scripts, advertising messages, or web pages that encourage consumers to take quick purchase action.

This service sometimes is referred to as “Outbound Call Center” or “Outgoing Calls at the Contact Center”.

The main task for call center that is involved in CTA – to provide guarantees of attracting new customers as well as: informing about promoting activities, new products, or updating customer data base. There is only one final goal – to push potential customer to action – call to action – and create a list of “ready to buy” clients for you.

Highly skilled contact center employees will help conduct market research, customer satisfaction surveys, make appointments and much more according to your specific request.
Call to Action is a guaranteed way to build trust and customer loyalty, both in the B2B and in B2C sectors. Our agents build loyalty by high-quality communication, using predefined sales script. Years of experience in building sales scripts and survey algorithms allow A.R.C.E Contact Center agents gaining customer confidence in most market segments. We offer proven dialogue options, including sales, which are based on individual customer requests and the specifics of product or service.

Unsolicited or “cold’ calls are usually process which is widely spread in time with postponed results. That’s why using only internal resources is not usually an option. Companies need to train their own managers with narrow-profile skills for telephone sales, managing rejection – arguments, and also need to make sure stress inside internal team is managed properly/. After all, every “cold” call is the first approach to your potential client. Even in case of refusal and or incomplete sale, client should remain with a good impression about your company, and this impression will form the necessary future loyalty for subsequent calls and potential transactions / purchases.

A.R.C.E Call Center can handle more than 5000 calls per day depending on your project goals and needs – which means you get a high-quality results and list of leads to be used to complete the sale or make delivery.

Using the service “Calls to Calls| or “ACT” or “Activating Databases – WinBack” provided by  A.R.C.E Contact Center, you receive:

• A database of “warm” and “hot” customers with relevant information according to your request.
• Informing and segmenting customers while calling.
• Updating information in a short time.
• Report in a form convenient for you.
• Fast implementation and flexible, transparent pricing policy.


Contact Center | CALL CENTER | A.R.C.E Contact Center


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