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Lead generation is an element of lead management, marketing tactics aimed at finding potential customers with certain contact details.
The target lead is a potential customer who has somehow reacted to marketing communication. For example, person shows some interest in your products or services which in the future can be converted into a deal or sale.
The term lead has become standard to denote the contact of a potential client which should be passed for pre-sale activities. This contact contains data about a potential client, which can be used later when working with him in accordance with your goals and procedures.

What are the leads?

Cold leads are just minimum contact information about a potential client: email, phone number, social network page, etc. – all that you can use to turn potential client into existing one.

Warm or hot leads are customer’s contacts who are ready to buy immediately. A warm lead is a client with active interest, but not ready to make a purchase. (Marketing qualified leads). An example of a hot lead is a client who responded positively to a manager’s call and expressed a clear interest in your company services or products.


When outsourced contact center receives a database with potential lead list, it is important to pay attention to the type and structure of this base. The way the leads are converted into real customers on first hand shows target audience quality, that your lead generation partner has brought, and secondly, how effectively managers processed leads, and how their actions resulted into sales.

The Call Center Lead Generation service is implemented via Telemarketing. By calling the cold number database, experienced sales representatives – update data and find interested customers.

Why is it more efficient to order lead generation from outsourced call center?

Capacities are important: the number of personnel, technical equipment, as well as the experience of sales representatives. Not every company can afford in-house contact center, calling large database volumes on its own can take months, additional sales training, high telecom expenses, extra cost for equipment and rent. A professional outsourcing call center will complete the task of collecting leads much faster, since this is its specialized service, and the call representatives already have necessary experience and training.

When choosing a partner, pay attention to how many years the call center has been operating in the market, how successful its previous projects are and how much staff it has. The speed, the quality and the cost of the lead database you receive depends on all of above. For example, the capacities of A.R.C.E Contact Center allow you to process more than 5000 contacts per day.

It is important to understand that inbound service experience, that outsourcing provider might have, does not guarantee successful implementation of your Lead Generation campaign. Lead generation requires separate unique skills that are used while processing prospective customer database. After all, every unsolicited call is the first contact with your potential client. Even in case of refusal and potential client should remain with a good impression about your company, and this impression should form possible purchase in the future.
Ideally, an experienced manager will be able to change a cold lead to a warm one or to sale of service or product. To do this, one must have high communication skills, be able to work with objections, be stress-resistant, etc. what is also important there must be number of such managers to process large contact volumes in a short time.

A.R.C.E. will be glad to offer you our outsourcing contact center services sharing our successful experience working with market leaders, large international, as well as medium and small businesses companies.

A.R.C.E Contact Center has been established over 10 years back. Since 2007 we have been developing serious capacities for implementing such projects – our experienced sales representatives professionally process unsolicited calls, turning them into pre-sales leads. Successfully built business processes allow offering competitive pricing options. The only thing you need is to set a task and provide database for managing and processing.



Call Center Lead Generation | Contact Center A.R.C.E


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