Telemarketing is a type of direct marketing without intermediaries, in which the seller and buyer communicate using telephony. In a narrower sense, telemarketing is the sale of goods or services over the phone.

Telephone sales (telemarketing) are:

Inbound Inbound. Incoming telemarketing is the processing of incoming calls by call center operators. As a rule, this is the reception of calls on the “hot lines” of companies, when customers call themselves and are interested in goods and services. And an experienced manager not only provides competent advice, but also simultaneously offers to purchase additional goods or related services.

Outbound Outbound. Outgoing telemarketing is outgoing calls to potential customers for the purpose of selling or collecting hot leads. Outgoing telemarketing can be implemented in the form of surveys, consultations of potential customers, or direct sales by phone.

When choosing an outsourcing partner, it is important to consider the experience and qualifications of operators. After all, incoming line consultants differ in their skills from outgoing line operators. Outbound call center agents must have strong communication skills, not be afraid and be able to work with failures, be focused on sales, have good diction, self-confidence and a sense of humor. The operator’s call invariably leaves an impression of the company.

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How does this happen:

The operator (sales manager), receives the base for dialing and, based on a pre-registered and agreed upon with the customer conversation scenario (negotiation script), calls potential customers and makes sales by phone. A script is a script that is prepared by specialists of an outsourcing contact center, based on successfully implemented experience in cold sales. This instruction should take into account all unexpected turns of the telephone conversation and will be used in stages by the operator.

In addition to a carefully thought-out script, as mentioned above, the experience and skills of the operator are extremely important. For example, in the case of working with a B2B segment, an experienced manager will go through secretaries and all deputies to the decision-makers about the purchase.

Why do I need the Telephone Sales – Telemarketing (telephone sales) service?


The main goal is to increase company profits. And the cost of ordering this service in an outsourcing contact center, quick implementation and payback of a project can pleasantly surprise a customer. However, it is worth remembering that a high result is possible only if your partner – the call center has extensive experience in this area and has all the necessary resources.

A.R.C.E call center has more than 10 years of experience in sales and comprehensive services for companies of various directions and sizes. We guarantee high results and transparent pricing, as well as an individual approach to your needs and opportunities.

Using the “sell” by phone (telemarketing) service in ARCE Contact Center, you get:




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